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Retail Sales Director Tanya Chelette joins APHA team in preparation for headquarters’ Stockyard move

APHA is pleased to announce Tanya Chelette has joined the association as director of retail sales. In her role, Tanya will work to develop APHA’s General Store to increase revenue and promote the Paint Horse brand.

Tanya grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and developed a love of horses through visits to her cousin’s farm. Later, her family moved to Texas, where Tanya attended the University of Texas at Arlington, first as a psychology major and then as an interior design major. Following college, she began a career in retail. She lives in Arlington, Texas, with her husband and son.

Tanya managed a Build-A-Bear workshop/store in Fort Worth for 13 years, during which time she became acquainted with Stockyards Heritage Marketing Director Dena Newell. Tanya has been involved in developing the plan for APHA’s retail space at the Fort Worth Stockyards as a contractor for the past year, and she joined the association full-time January 1. The APHA retail store will be housed within APHA’s international headquarters in the Stockyards; the move is tentatively set for April 2019.

“I’m really loving learning so much more about these grand, beautiful, soulful horses,” Tanya said. “I also love seeing the passion in my new coworkers. They are truly special people who love what they do, and I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity.”

APHA’s move to the historic Fort Worth Stockyards is especially exciting for Tanya, who is eager to expand APHA’s retail offerings to millions of annual Stockyards’ visitors.

“I think it will not only catapult our retail sales, but the love for the Paint Horse in general. And that’s really the ultimate goal,” she said.

To contact Tanya and learn more about the General Store, call 817-222-6411, email [email protected] or visit store.apha.com.


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