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Ranch Sorters: Cash in with $1,000-added Paint World Sweepstakes

Ride a flashy Paint in ranch sorting competition? You don’t want to miss these exclusive payouts! Make plans to attend the 2018 APHA World Championship Show for the Open and Non-Pro ranch sorting sweepstakes, taking place Saturday, September 29 at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

APHA World Championship Show — Ranch Sorting Sweepstakes

  • $1,000-added in both Open & Non-Pro sweepstakes classes
  • No qualifying required
  • Classes open to both Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred entries
  • Pre-entries are due August 1; watch APHA.com/oawcs for online entry (coming soon)

Get updates about the show & online entry details by following the APHA World Show on Facebook. 



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