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Protect your identity with APHA Xtras partner Identity Guard!

Every year in the United States, nearly 16 million cases of identity fraud are reported. This means that 1 in every 15 Americans will most likely experience some form of identity theft throughout their life. While these statistics are very concerning, APHA members can experience peace of mind with Identity Guard.

Identity Guard monitors your valuable credit and identity information and will send you alerts if changes indicating fraudulent activity are detected. Identity Guard can monitor your social security number, credit scores and public records. The system will also alert you if it notices any bank account takeovers or if any of your personal information is leaked on the dark web. The best part about Identity Guard is that you can access all of your information and alerts directly on your phone through their mobile app!

Don’t forget to take advantage of one of the many benefits offered to APHA members through the APHA Xtras program and be sure to protect you and your family from identity theft with Identity Guard!  

Visit their website here at identityguard.com/plans to review the different plans that Identity Guard offers, or call them at 855-901-7653 to receive more information.

APHA thanks you for being a member and wants to give back by allowing you to take advantage of all of the great benefits the APHA Xtras program has to offer! 

The cost of your membership with APHA can easily be recouped when you save with our Xtras partners, like Identity Guard. If you haven’t already, join or renew your APHA membership to start using your APHA Xtras benefits. Click here to check out all that APHA Xtras can do for you as an APHA member.

Do you have an APHA Xtras success story to share? We’d love to hear from you! Email us or call (817) 222-6404.



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