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Platinum Breeders’ Futurity adds yearling division to 2020 APHA World Show

A new exciting division is being added to the Platinum Breeders’ Futurity for the 2020 APHA World Show in September. Starting this year, yearling horses are now eligible to compete for big payouts in APHA’s Platinum Breeders’ Futurity classes.

The popular Platinum program features huge payouts for non-pro exhibitors—previously, five weanling classes were offered for Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred horses. The new yearling division will mirror the weanling class format.

“I am extremely excited about the addition of the yearling division for the Platinum Breeders’ Futurity,” APHA Director of Advertising and Incentive Programs Matt Arias said. “It adds value even more value to those Breeders’ Trust-enrolled horses and allows the driving force of the industry—non-professionals—to show in an addition class and earn sizable payouts.

“The Platinum Stallion owners and agents and I have been working out the details of this program for the last year and we wanted to make it easy to follow. We are very excited about this first year of the program!”

Each year a stallion is subscribed to the Platinum program, his Breeders’ Trust-enrolled weanling and yearling foals are eligible to compete. The foal’s dam must be nominated for the program in each year the foal will show. Weanling and yearling Platinum class entry fees are $900 each and follow the same schedule; for 2019, the first payment is due June 1 and the second is due by the World Show pre-entry deadline. Forms and full program rules will be available soon at apha.com/showing/breedersfuturity. A summary appears below:


Stallion Enrollment Payments

  • $5,000 per year. By paying the enrollment, both weanling and yearlings are eligible for that show year.
  • 75% ($3,750) of the stallion enrollment fee is allocated to the weanling classes; the remaining 25% ($1,250) is allocated to the Yearling classes.
  • If a Stallion leaves the program for any reason and they paid in for the weanling division the previous year, they must pay $1,250 the following year to allow that foal crop to finish out their eligibility terms for Platinum participation. (Example: A stallion is paid in full to the Platinum for 2020 weanlings and yearlings and passes away at the beginning of the 2020 breeding season. In 2021 the owner must pay $1,250 to allow the 2020 foals the opportunity to compete in the Yearling Division). Someone other than the stallion owner can subscribe the stallion to the Platinum program—contact Matt for details.

Mare Nominations

  • Mares must be nominated in both the weanling and yearling year for respective offspring to be eligible to show.
  • Nomination fees follow the current mare nomination schedule. For 2020 only, the late fee will be waived on mare nominations for the yearling division.

Entry Payments

  • Yearling division follows the same payment schedule as the Weanling class entry payments.
  • $900 class fee total ($405 due June 1; $495 due on the pre-entry deadline)
    • $200 of the entry fee is an administrative fee and the remaining $700 goes to the purse per entry
  • Late entry fees will mirror the weanling late fees. For 2020 only, late fees are waived for yearling division participants.


  • 5 classes will be offered for the yearling division: Yearling Stallions, Yearling Mares, Yearling Geldings, Yearling Solid Paint-Bred Mares, Yearling Solid Paint-Bred Stallions & Geldings.
  • Classes are for Non-Pro exhibitors only. A Non-Pro is defined as a card-carrying Amateur or Youth. Both Amateur and Youth exhibitors must meet the ownership requirements as set forth in the current APHA Rule Book.
  • Leased horses require an APHA Show Lease postmarked no later than 90 days before the first day of the APHA Open/Amateur World Show.


  • The yearling purses are calculated the same way as the weanling purses. Purses are determined by participation of entries with a percentage allotted to the Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred classes.
    • 25% of each stallion’s enrollment will be allocated to the yearling purse ($1,250)
    • 100% of the yearling mare nomination fees
    • 100% of yearling entry payments, less the $200 administrative fee per entry
  • Payouts follow the standard payout schedule in the APHA World Show Premium Book.
    • 10% to the stallion enrollment payee.
    • 10% to the mare nominator.
    • 80% to the foal owner or lessee at the time of showing.

Eligibility Restrictions

  • Only Breeders’ Trust-nominated foals by Platinum-enrolled stallions are eligible for the Platinum classes, pending the dam’s nomination to the program.
  • For the first year of the program, there will be no eligibility restrictions for earnings earned in the Platinum classes during the horse’s weanling year.
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