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Perri’s Leather: APHA Halter of Choice and 2017 World Show Sponsor

What has earned Perri’s Leather the distinction of being the Official Halter of the APHA World Shows? What makes Perri’s Leather so special? Maybe it’s their attention to detail in their high-quality products or their excellent customer service. It could even be their 24/7 online and retail availability or the fact that they’re APHA-member owned. If you said any of these reasons, you would be right!

Since 2000, Perri’s Leather has remained steadfast in their purpose to provide tack all horsemen need at the highest possible quality. Because they employ local craftsmen, they are able to keep a close eye on the details of each order as well as provide prompt delivery.

Perri's-Banner-9-APHAWhen it comes to customer service, the team at Perri’s Leather takes the blue. Staffed by horsemen, for horsemen, Perri’s staff members aim to provide customers with the experience and the products that they are looking for, and they’re fast to respond to customer orders, queries, and modifications.

Founder and president Carla Perri is a longtime APHA member and competitor with firsthand understanding of the needs and wants of her customers; because Carla understands the industry, Perri’s Leather is able to produce fine leather tack.

APHA is pleased to have Perri’s as a partner going into 2017.

“Perri’s Leather has not only built a reputation for themselves as a provider of high-quality leather products, but they’ve also become a wonderful friend in the industry.” APHA Senior Director of Show and Contest Holly Slaughter said. “We look forward to working with the Perri’s team and making the 2017 World Shows the best ones yet.”

The 2017 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show is June 26–July 9 and the 2017 Open/Amateur World Championship Show is September 20–October 1 at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth. For more information about Perri’s Leather, visit perrisleather.com. Learn about APHA’s World Championship Shows at apha.com/oawcs and apha.com/ywcs.


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