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PBRIP off to a fast start in 2013

When the Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program was formed in June of 2013, APHA and the grassroots program committee was breaking new ground with the philosophy of taking APHA to established barrel races instead of asking them to come to traditional APHA-approved shows.

PBRIP offers side pots to enrolled barrel racers riding American Paint Horses at barrel racing events nationwide.

At the close of 2013, after just six months, PBRIP enrollment and participation indicate the program is well received in the barrel racing community. The 20 PBRIP events held during 2013 paid out $37,000 among the 217 enrollees.

The largest payouts were made during the 2013 APHA World Championship Show in November, where 49 barrel racers vied for a total of $16,130 during the PBRIP Sweepstakes.

Look for even more PBRIP-approved barrel races in 2014 as the program continues to expand and gain traction within the barrel racing community.

Full details, enrollment information and an ever-growing calendar of PBRIP events is available at pbrip.com.


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