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Paints invited to cash in at the 2016 CMSA Wrangler World Championship

Fast draws and flashy horses will take over the Tri-State Expo Center October 12–15 in Amarillo, Texas, as the best of the best go head to head at the 2016 CMSA Wrangler World Championship. If you’re riding a Paint, you could take home an extra paycheck.

APHA is adding $1,250 to the Amateur division, $1,250 to the Open division and $500 to the Youth division to make it even more lucrative to ride a Paint. Prize money will be gender split and paid out by the CMSA payback system. To be eligible for the additional cash prizes, both the owner and exhibitor of the registered Paint Horse must be current APHA members. Awards will be paid to the exhibitor.

“APHA is proud to provide recognition and incentive to our Paint Horses excelling in cowboy mounted shooting competition,” Senior Director of Show & Contest Holly Slaughter said. “By partnering with CMSA, we are able to acknowledge the excellence of even more members of the APHA family.”

For more information or to enter, head over to cmsaevents.com/events.

Need to register your Paint Horse, but not sure how? The APHA website has details about transferring and registering horses of any age, including special rates for older horses. While you’re there, you can update your membership and learn about the APHA Xtras program, including all the exclusive, money-saving advantages it offers APHA members.



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