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Paints bring big bucks at 2014 Legacy Reining Breeders Sale

alwaysshineyergunsup-smIf you’re in doubt about the health of the horse market, just take a spin through a premier reining horse event like the Legacy Reining Breeders & Consignment Sale. Taking place October 17–18 at Cardinal Training Center in Aubrey, Texas, the Legacy Sale offers some of the reining industry’s best bloodlines to the public. Once again, Paints—Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred horses alike—sold well, capturing some of the highest bids in the two-day sale.

APHA was on-hand at the event, and each day’s high-selling registered Paint Horse received a SmartPak quilted arena bag filled with products from Farnam and the APHA General Store. The association also supplied information about the APHA registration and transfer process in the buyer’s packet for every eligible Paint Horse.

Alwaysshineyergunsup, a 2013 palomino overo stallion by Smart And Shiney and out of Always Gotyer Guns Up, was the high-selling horse during the Legacy Reining Breeders Sale, which featured top yearling reining prospects that are eligible for the premier National Reining Breeders Classic. Consigned by McQuay Stables Inc. of Tioga, Texas, Alwaysshineyergunsup drew a bid of $80,000 from Carol Rose of Gainesville, Texas. The colt was the high seller in the Legacy Breeders Sale, as well as the high-selling registered Paint Horse. The sale’s average on sold horses was $16,779.

gunnerbleu_dec5079Gunner Bleu, a 2013 sorrel overo stallion by Colonels Smokingun and out of Jacs Shining Fancy (QH), was the high-selling registered Paint during the Legacy Consignment Sale; he was also the second high-selling horse during that portion of the event. Consigned by Cheryl Lauder and Grady Kimbrell, Gunner Bleu was purchased by Mario Madrigal for $44,000. The consignment sale’s average on sold horses was $10,692.

More than 100 APHA-registered or Paint-bred horses took part in the 2014 Legacy Sale—click here for full sale results. Among the high sellers were:

–       Fabulous Gunner by Colonels Smokingun: $40,000

–       Justa Cool Nite by Colonels Nite Special: $38,000

–       Tinsletowns New Gun by Colonels Smokingun: $38,000

–       Get Set Gun by Colonels Smokingun: $34,000

–       Gunna Crome Ya by Colonels Smokingun: $34,000

–       Hot Hollywood Guns by Colonels Smokingun: $33,500

–       HA Blonde Gunner by Colonels Smokingun: $30,000

–       ARC Dun With Ya by Gunnatrashya: $29,000

–       Doll Face Dunnit by Pale Face Dunit: $28,000

–       No Smoking Required by Colonels Smokingun: $27,000

–       Runnin And Gunnin by Colonels Smokingun: $26,500

–       Guns Still Smokin by Colonels Smokingun: $26,000

–       Gunner Be Shiney by Colonels Smokingun: $23,000

–       Face Of A Gun Model by Pale Faced Dunnit: $22,000

–       Spookin Off Guns by Tinker With Guns: $20,500


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