Youth World Games

Paints and prizes wanted for the 2020 Youth World Games

Excitement is building as entries roll in for the 2020 APHA Youth World Games, taking place August 23-30 in Europe. Plans and preparations are underway as the European Paint Horse Championship prepares to host the event for the second time in Kreuth, Germany. Now is your chance to show your support of Paint Horse Youth by donating use of a horse or signing on as a 2020 Youth World Games sponsor.

Wanted: A Few Good Paints

How do the Games work? One Youth exhibitor from each team will compete in one of the four YWG events: showmanship, Western horsemanship, hunt-seat equitation and ranch riding. Team captains randomly draw the horses; Solid Paint-Bred and Regular Registry horses competing together in these YWG classes. In the spirit of fun and fairness, exhibitors may not show a horse from their own country. With about 15 teams expected to enter, approximately 40 to 60 horses are needed.

Donated horses remain under the supervision and care of their owners during the competition. The day before the class, exhibitors have one 30-minute practice session with the horse and owner. The day of the class, owners bring the horses to the arena, warmed up and ready to compete. Exhibitors take the lead or the reins just 10 minutes before the class begins.

The tentative plan is to hold the YWG class after the corresponding medal classes, with the random draw on Sunday, August 23, and the awards ceremony on Thursday, August 27.

All horses donated to the 2020 Games will receive a commemorative nylon halter made in the USA by Perri’s Leather. A limited number of free stalls, sponsored by Gut Mathesdof, are available for donated horses not competing in other classes. A limited number of discounted stalls (a 90-euro savings), sponsored by Paint Horse Club Germany, are available for donated horses competing in other classes.

Both free stalls and stall discounts are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with preference given to horses donated for two or more classes. To donate your horse, contact Director of International Membership Irene Stamatelakys.

Wanted: A Few Good Sponsors

The first time the Youth World Games were held in Germany four years ago, the event attracted 14 teams with Youth from 16 countries, breaking all records in the history of the event. “EuroPaint” has been the largest APHA-approved show in the world for the past three out of four years, attracting 300 horses and 1,500 entries in 2019. We expect 2020 to be bigger and better, making this an excellent opportunity to put your breeding program or business in the spotlight.

Team USA Coach Pat Trebesch says it’s all about the creating an unforgettable experience for our Youth members and making sure that financial constraints don’t prevent kids from participating.

“We need sponsors to support our Youth kids,” he said. “Also, it helps with the awards and expenses for the kids on the team.

“Our World Games are like Olympics. Seeing the kids mix with all the other countries and competing with them—it’s probably one of the greatest experiences in their whole life.”

Show your support of AjPHA and join event sponsors Paint Horse Club Germany and Gut Mathesdof by making a donation today. We are looking for class sponsors, prizes and awards, and support for the YWG Welcome Reception and Exhibitor Party. Help us make this an unforgettable event for Paint Horse Youth coming from around the world. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities or make a donation, contact Director of Amateur & Youth Activities Megan McMullen.



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