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Paint Strong donations skyrocket at APHA World Show

AjPHA President Sydney Schmidt’s 2015­–2016 Presidential Service Project, Paint Strong, is dedicated to accomplishing the goal of awarding scholarships across 14 zones to AjPHA members in 2016.

With a total of $7,830 in donations to date—$7,330 of which was raised at the 2015 APHA World Championship Show on November 4–14—Paint Strong is one step closer to realizing that goal.

“I am overwhelmed with the support that I have received from people that want to help with Paint Strong. So far the scholarship money people have been willing to donate are amazing,” Sydney said. “Paint Strong really leapt forward when I was able to connect and tell everyone about my project at the World Show.”

Paint Strong fundraising efforts at the World Show started with a basket raffle, which featured 17 themed baskets of goodies donated by APHA regional clubs and members. The baskets ranged from picnic-themed and Alpaca-derived items to a basket of items donated by the Colors of the Season Gift Show vendors. Tickets were sold for five dollars each, and then placed in the hopper for the basket of the ticket-holder’s choice.

Basket raffle donors received a special incentive prize, too, for generating the highest number of raffle tickets in their baskets: a free day of sponsorship for the AjPHA Youth Lounge at the 2016 AjPHA Youth World Show. The winner was Zone 7 Northeast Connection.

A special Farnam Deluxe Horse Care Bucket, donated by Farnam, was auctioned at the Breeders’ Trust Select Sale on November 7. Sharon Bonner-Brown of Clayton, California, won the basket of Farnam products with a winning bid of $1,100.

Cowboy Bronze contributed to Paint Strong this year as well by offering a bronze to any company or individual who donated $500 to Paint Strong at the show. Anita Weiscamp donated $1,000 to complete two Paint Strong scholarships; Performance Nutrition, Jim Wiley of Hay Rite and the Florida Paint Horse Club each donated $500 as well.

“I want to thank everyone that has helped me so far and anyone that will help me in the future to achieve my goals for my project,” Sydney said. “I would also like to thank Cowboy Bronze for all the help so far.”

Special thanks and congratulations to the donors and contributors in the basket raffle at the World Show:

  • #PaintStyle, donated by APHA. Winner: Cromer
  • Pamper Your Paint & Pooch with Perri’s, donated by Perri’s Leather and Carla Perri. Winner: Heather Pelletier
  • A Painted Picnic with Virginia Paint Horse Club, donated by VPHC, winner: Samantha Wursh
  • Live Your Life in Color, donated by the APHA General Store. Winner: Jamie Mehterian
  • Deck The Barn with Zone 7, donated by Zone 7/Northeast Connection. Winner: Carla Perri
  • Cuddle Up & Read, Beamer Style, donated by Lopin Lazy. Winner: KJ O’Neal
  • Geaux Lousiana, donated by Sue Woodson. Winner: Judy Ford
  • Happy Hour Fiesta, donated by Arkansas Paint Horse Club. Winner: Lacey Armstrong
  • Panther Pride, donated by Carolina Paint Horse Club. Winner: Kelly Chapman
  • Winter Warm Up, donated by Garden State Junior Paint Horse Club. Winner: Garth Gooding
  • American Girl, donated by Texas Paint Horse Club. Winner: Samantha Wursh
  • Idaho Sips & Sweets, donated by Idaho Paint Horse Club. Winner: Roman Dinn
  • Things Alpaca For The World Show, donated by Anna Lia Sullivan & Alpaca Farms of New Jersey. Winner: Jackie Mellon
  • Magic Basket, donated by Straight Arrow Inc. Winner: Judy Ford
  • Brave Bohemian, donated by the Brave Bohemian. Winner: Brenda Resue
  • Shops Basket, donated by the Vendors of the Colors of the Season Gift Show. Winner: Jeni Yoak


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