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Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program Provides Expanded Opportunities for APHA Horses and Members

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March 22, 2013


Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program Provides Expanded Opportunities for APHA Horses and Members

The American Paint Horse Association is proud to support the creation of the Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program. Initiated by a group of APHA members, the PBRIP is designed to increase opportunities and purse money for participants who breed, promote and run American Paint Horses in barrel racing events.


Central to the PBRIP program is the opportunity to offer APHA dual-approved barrel races at existing barrel racing events with greater ease. Through PBRIP, the association no longer requires the use of APHA judges, offers greater flexibility in pattern size and offers exclusive PBRIP side jackpots for Paint barrel horses at dual-approved events.


“APHA recognizes the number of outstanding Paint barrel horses competing outside of APHA-approved shows,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said. “Through the PBRIP, we hope to reinvigorate these exhibitors’ commitment to APHA, provide more opportunities for World Show qualification at existing barrel races, and provide valuable incentives for exhibitors excelling aboard American Paint Horses.”


Designed by members for members, the PBRIP is the brainchild of a group of horsemen committed to supporting Paint Horses and APHA members in the barrel racing industry. Founding members include Melanie Bearden, Shannon McCartney, Lisa Mullinax and Pancho Villarreal.


Guidelines for PBRIP participation for competitors include:

– Open to Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred horses, but they must meet APHA stakes-eligibility racing rules (RA.000.D. in the 2013–2014 Official APHA Rule Book).

– Competitor must be PBRIP-enrolled and a current APHA member in good standing.


PBRIP enrollment fees will be used to fund added-money side pots at selected barrel races, as well as for program administration and promotion. Watch the Paint racing website for more details and forms.


Any speed event is eligible for APHA dual-approval by submitting an APHA Special Event Application. In addition, these events are also eligible for PBRIP endorsement. Guidelines for organizations to host dual-approved PBRIP events include:

– Organization submits an APHA special event application and $25 fee to APHA

– Organization agrees to offer a PBRIP side pot for exhibitors who meet PBRIP criteria, verifying APHA registration and membership.

– Organization agrees to send $10 per PBRIP entry to APHA—funds are reserved for jackpots at the APHA World Championship Shows and help cover program administration.


In addition to dual-approved events and side-pot money, PBRIP also hosts an annual stallion service auction. The inaugural PBRIP Stallion Service Auction takes place through March 31 at HorseAuctionsLive.com.


PBRIP also plans to create a subscription program for stallion and their offspring, beginning in 2015. Funds collected from both endeavors will go toward PBRIP side pots, administration and promotion.


“APHA is excited to partner with the PBRIP program to help showcase these colorful athletes while providing yet another benefit of APHA membership and registration,” Smith said.


About the American Paint Horse Association
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