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Novice, Amateur and Walk-Trot cards made easy with online application

Hitting the spring circuits or preparing for the APHA World Championship Show?  Be sure you have all your ducks—and your paperwork—in a row before you hit the road! New for 2016, a single online form is your one-stop shop for all your application and eligibility needs; apply for your Amateur, Novice Amateur, and Walk-Trot cards via this easy form.

Remember, to qualify to compete in Amateur Walk-Trot classes at the World Show, exhibitors must hold a current Amateur Walk-Trot card prior to July 31 of the World Show year. If a current Amateur Walk-Trot card has not been held prior to July 31 of the World Show year, the exhibitor may apply for one at the World Show if the following conditions apply:

  • The exhibitor may not have earned any points in performance classes (Open and/or Amateur) with APHA or any other recognized association during the current calendar year. Halter and in-hand classes do not count against eligibility.

Apply for an Amateur, Novice Amateur or Walk-Trot card

Apply for a Novice Youth card

Novice Amateur Status Reinstatement Form

Applications are processed on a first-come-first-served basis unless otherwise requested—email amateur@apha.com if you need rush assistance.

Remember, it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to provide any and all points, titles and earnings from other associations on Amateur applications to APHA. Failure to disclose this information could be considered falsifying an Amateur application and may result in disciplinary action. Questions? Email amateur@apha.com.


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