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Not fully qualified for the 2017 APHA World Show? Modified qualification for select events might let you play

More than $600,000 in cash and prizes is on tap for the 2017 APHA Open/Amateur World Championship Show, taking place September 20-October 1 in Fort Worth, Texas. Not fully qualified for the show based on participation? It might not be a problem—several select groups of participants require only minimal qualification or no qualification at all!

Participation criteria for qualification typically require a horse to be shown at a minimum of four APHA shows to a total of eight judges during the qualifying period. The qualifying period was from June 1, 2016, to May 31, 2017.

The following disciplines only require a horse to compete at two different APHA-approved events (no judge minimum) during the qualifying period:

  • Cutting
  • Ranch sorting
  • Goat tying
  • Working cow horse
  • Roping
  • Speed events
  • Over fences (except hunter hack)

Horses competing in the following new classes only require a horse to compete at two different APHA-approved events (minimum of four judges) during the qualifying period:

  • Solid Paint-Bred Ranch Riding
  • Solid Paint-Bred Ranch Trail

Horses that are not required to qualify for the World Show are:

  • Weanling halter horses
  • Yearling halter horses
  • Yearling longe-line and yearling in-hand trail horses
  • 2-year-old performance horses
  • 3-year-old performance horses
  • 4-year-old speed event horses
  • Broodmares (SC-175.L.f)

In addition, most Challenge, Sweepstakes and Futurity classes do not require qualification, with a few exceptions. If world championship classes will be entered as well, the horse must be qualified.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for you and your Paint to be a part of a lucrative World Show. Visit apha.com/oawcs for show schedule, premium book and all entry forms.

Reminder: Youth World Show Horses

Any horse shown at the Youth World Show will not be eligible to show at the APHA Open/Amateur World Show (in the same year) by the immediate previous owner/lessor as described in AM-020 and YP-015.


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