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Need For Speed

From jumping solid cross-country fences to galloping around a mounted shooting course, it’s safe to say that Nancy Elberty has a need for speed. After moving to Kentucky, Nancy learned how to shoot handguns, but it was at the insistence of her friends that she first tried mounted shooting.

“They knew that I rode jumpers and that I was shooting at stages on foot, and they kept telling me that I should come play with them because they shoot and ride at the same time,” Nancy said. “They got me to come to a couple practices and learn more about it. Before I knew it, I was on a horse learning to do it, and I got hooked.“

For Nancy, one of the major benefits of competing in mounted shooting is the camaraderie among the competitors.

“The people just are very friendly and welcoming, and they really help out the beginners as far as learning,” Nancy said. “They’re very careful about making sure that you understand how to use a firearm and all the safety stuff.”

It was also through a friend that Nancy met Dominos Meanness, a 2008 dun tobiano gelding by Two Topping Domino and out of Doc Tivio Buttermilk (QH). After borrowing the gelding for a competition, Nancy and “Domino” meshed so well that the horsewoman decided to make their partnership permanent.

“I knew he was for sale, but I wasn’t quite sure that I wanted to make that big leap yet,” Nancy said. “Probably about three months into it, I decided I might as well just buy the horse. He and I were getting along so well, and I was having a lot of fun with him. He was part of the family.”

Domino’s flashy coloring helped attract Nancy’s attention in the beginning.

“Domino’s quite handsome, and he gets quite a bit of attention wherever he goes,” Nancy said with a laugh. “He has two blue eyes. He’s a lot of fun, and I’m partial to pretty horses. I always like the pretty ones.”

Domino’s personality is part of what makes him such a good match for Nancy. Relaxed yet curious, he is always up to new challenges and activities.

“For the most part he’s pretty laid back, but he’s got a little bit of a naughty streak,” Nancy said. “He wants to kick his heels up once in a while, and I like that. I like having one that has a little spunk in him. But whatever you want to do with him, he’ll go ahead and do it. “

Nancy’s favorite memory with Domino is a great example of his game attitude.

“My all-time favorite experience with him was swimming in the ocean with him,” Nancy said. “I took him to Florida with me this last winter. We went trail riding on the beach. We just decided to do whatever we wanted to do with our horses. That’s a lifetime memory.”

Nancy’s need for speed has become a passion for both mounted shooting and eventing.

“That adrenaline rush draws me to both of these sports,” Nancy said.  “When you run a really fast stage and nail every one of the balloons and come out with a really hot speed, it’s a real rush. There’s nothing like having a really good trip in the jumper arena or out on cross-country, too.”


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