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MemberCare Satisfaction Survey establishes baseline for APHA Strategic Plan objectives

One pillar of the three-year APHA Strategic Plan is to “improve efficiency and satisfaction with customer transactions.” Key to that objective is establishing a baseline for customer satisfaction in MemberCare transactions. To do that, APHA deployed a MemberCare Satisfaction Survey April 17, 2024, and collected responses until May 1. The survey was distributed directly via email to customers who had submitted work to MemberCare in the last 24 months and who had valid emails on file, and it also appeared in the Member Newsletter that was distributed by email in April 2024.

A total of 1,372 responses were received, and a summary of their answers are below:

Key takeaways from the MemberCare Satisfaction Survey:

  • 59.6% have submitted a MemberCare transaction less than 12 months ago
  • 50.6% have submitted work through
    • Of that, most work was membership (73.9%), registration (51.9%) or transfer (50.9%)
  • 68.4% rated their MemberCare transaction as “extremely convenient” or “very convenient”
  • 60.5% said they found it necessary to contact APHA staff to ask a question or seek clarification at some point of their initial submission process
  • 76.5% rated their MemberCare staff interaction as “extremely professional” or “very professional”
  • 73.8% said their MemberCare representative answered their question “extremely well” or “very well”
  • 69.8% said the MemberCare team was “extremely responsive” or “very responsive” to their request for assistance
  • 79.8% ranked their overall satisfaction with the MemberCare employees and process as “extremely satisfied” or “very satisfied”
  • Respondents said:
    • “I was treated as a valued member:” 84.9% “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree”
    • “My email to MemberCare was answered promptly:” 62.6% “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree”
    • “APHA provided a clear and complete answer to my question(s):” 79.7% “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree”
    • “Communication I received was clear and easy to understand:” 79.9% “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree”
    • “APHA forms are easy to understand and complete:” 83.5% “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree”
    • “Setting up my user account was easy:” 82.8% “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree”
    • “Submitting work at is easy:” 78.6% “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree”
    • “Work submitted via is processed faster than mailed submissions:” 77.2% “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree”
    • “I value receiving my DNA kits immediately via email after work submission at” 51.9% “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree”
    • “I value receiving a digital copy of my horse’s certificate when a transfer or registration is completed at” 78.75% “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree”
    • Most (43.6%) haven’t watched or didn’t know about the “how to submit online” videos available at
  • Most said they first try to find the answer to their APHA questions on the website (51.5%, followed by calling staff (32.8%) and emailing APHA (24.7%). Only 16.4% look in the rulebook.
  • Most preferred to communicate with APHA by email (47.1%) or phone call (41.8%)
  • Forms (62.3%), registration rules (43.8%), showing rules (33.1%) and specific information about a registered horse (30.9%) were the most common information people look for on

APHA staff and other stakeholders will use this information to help make doing business with APHA easier, faster and more efficient for all.


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