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Cuttinup Show Blankets joins as APHA corporate partner

Leading designer and manufacturer Cuttinup Show Blankets LLC has joined APHA’s corporate partner lineup.

Cuttinup Show Blankets strives to create show blankets that fit well and look great for equine athletes. Their hand-woven blankets feature a unique contour shape built into the pattern. The company’s innovative design is a staple for many leading performers in the show arena. And in a unique twist, all Cuttinup Show Blankets’ limited-release designs are named after real-life horsewomen as a way to honor their roles in the horse industry and as homage to horse-loving little girls who dream big dreams.

In addition to show blankets, they also produce top-quality rugs and bags for home décor and travel.

“We are excited to provide our members with Cuttinup Show Blankets’ incredible line of products for their horses and our members’ Western lifestyle,” APHA Director of Business Development Kurt Crawford said. “We are so excited to be working with such a progressive and innovative organization. APHA is pleased to have Cuttinup Show Blankets as one of our newest corporate partners and thank them for their sponsorship.”

Likewise, Cuttinup Show Blankets is also excited about working with APHA.

“We are so honored to be a part of APHA through this partnership,” Cuttinup Show Blankets CEO Jennifer Palmer said. “Giving back to the industries that support us is our No. 1 goal, so when allowed to support such a visionary association as the American Paint Horse Association, we didn’t even think twice. We’re looking forward to many years of working together to support equine athletes who are marked for greatness!”

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