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Revamped APHA MemberCare procedures get registrations, transfers completed faster than ever


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November 5, 2013

 By designing streamlined procedures, innovative MemberCare professionals at the American Paint Horse Association are completing registrations and transfers faster than ever.

Executive Director Billy Smith says this boost in MemberCare efficiency has increased the total number of Paint Horse registration processed year-to-date by 9 percent. In August, an increase of nearly 4 percent was noted for transfer of ownerships.

“We focused on the pending files and started making phone calls to expedite the completion of those files. Plus, we developed a cross-training plan for the department so more MemberCare professionals know how to register horses,” he said.

Previously, MemberCare professionals would write a letter notifying Paint Horse owners of missing information in their registration or transfer applications. Now, if there’s a problem with an application, a friendly MemberCare professional will call first, then email and lastly send a letter via mail.

Smith adds online registrations are up, increasing from approximately 20 percent to 35 percent year-to-date.

“The lower fee to register Paint Horses conveniently online has encouraged more people to use the service available at APHAOnline.org. Online registrations are less likely to have missing information. This rapidly speed things up,” Smith said.

Looking Forward 
MemberCare is on track to register more Paint Horses within the calendar year than in 2012. Each month thus far in 2013, the department has met or exceeded its monthly goals.

The department’s goal is to accept each application, assign a registration number and issue a certificate of registration as quickly as possible.

Quick MemberCare assistance at the World Show
Entries are up 6 percent at the 2013 Open/Amateur World Championship Show. Exhibitors, APHA members and spectators are welcome to bring paperwork, questions and curiosity about any of APHA’s programs November 6–16 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m to the APHA MemberCare Booth.

The booth is conveniently located outside the West Sale Arena in the Richardson-Bass Building.  Friendly MemberCare professionals will be ready and willing to provide answers and help with business transactions. Additionally, the MemberCare Booth will offer free prizes, discounted transactions, registration specials and more throughout the show. Be sure to stop by and make the MemberCare booth part of your incredible World Show experience.