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Meet your 2015–2016 AjPHA Executive Committee

The 2015–2016 AjPHA Executive Committee and national directors were installed at the 2015 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show. While the AjPHA Executive Committee will be rallying behind President Sydney Schmidt’s Presidential Project Paint Strong, each committee member has individual goals to strive for during their time in office.

“Watch out for your National Leadership Team in action at shows, events and meetings near you. These kids are ready to make a difference in today’s horse industry with their contagious enthusiasm and unique ideas,” said Christine Henry, APHA Director of Youth Activities.”I am so proud of them for stepping out to lead AjPHA and cannot wait to see what they will accomplish while in office.”

Get to know your AjPHA Executive Committee below. To learn more about leadership positions and other AjPHA opportunities, contact Christine Henry at [email protected].

phj_5175Name: Sydney Schmidt, President
Hometown: Lowman, New York
Age: 17
Horse: The Big Maneuver
Favorite activity with your horse: “All-around events.”
Personal leadership goals: To successfully promote Paint Strong and award a scholarship to an AjPHA member in each zone.

Name: Mackenzie Chapman, President-Electmackenzie-chapman899d45c4700a6e5eb40fff0000d6e8e8
Hometown: Bellevue, Michigan
Age: 16
Horse: Famous Potential
Favorite activity with your horse: “Horsemanship and showmanship. It really shows how the exhibitor connects with his or her horse.”
Personal leadership goals: “To bring regional Youth with Paint Horses to regional Paint shows.”

ryanstille10e447c4700a6e5eb40fff0000d6e8e8Name: Ryan Stille, Vice President
Hometown: Colleyville, Texas
Age: 17
Horse: T Town Sensation
Favorite activity with your horse: “Other than riding, I love to just hang around with them. It makes me relaxed.”
Personal leadership goals: “To push myself out of my comfort zone and to work tenaciously for the association.”


Name: Anna Tucker, Secretaryanna-tucker1fe447c4700a6e5eb40fff0000d6e8e8
Hometown: Dubberly, Louisiana
Age: 16
Horse: A Broken Path to Heaven
Favorite activity with your horse: “She is new to me, so I’m just getting to know her.”
Personal leadership goals: “I plan to reach the kids who aren’t active in the show pen and help them find their place in AjPHA.”

rialey-cone989d45c4700a6e5eb40fff0000d6e8e8Name: Rialey Cone, Treasurer
Hometown: Brenham, Texas
Age: 16
Horse: Sexy And I Know It
Favorite activity with your horse: “Every aspect of a horse show gets me excited. My favorite events are showmanship, trail, horsemanship and equitation.”
Personal leadership goals: “To grab the younger members’ attention and excitement so that they ‘get hooked on horses,’ which in return will ensure the future of AjPHA.”

Name: Sabine Lazo, Executive Committee Membersabine-lazo3ce447c4700a6e5eb40fff0000d6e8e8
Hometown: Caldwell, Texas
Age: 12
Horses: Chexs Blue EyedAffair, Rockstar Parking, SL Benz Gone Ritzi, A Touch of Calico and My Double Investment
Favorite activity with your horse: “Ride bareback and stand up on their backs, ride backwards and ride bridleless. I also like spending time photographing them.”
Personal leadership goals: “To become comfortable with promoting APHA outside of the show/Convention atmosphere like at school, athletics and NJHS.”

alyssa-donelsona79d45c4700a6e5eb40fff0000d6e8e8Name: Alyssa Donelson, Zone 2 Representative
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona
Age: 15
Horse: Ima Radical Sensation
Favorite activity with your horse: “Showmanship is my favorite class. Other than that, I like to just ride when it’s overcast and breezy.”
Personal leadership goals: “Get involved and try to promote the future Youth of our club as much as possible.”

Name: Jacob Grinstead, Zone 3 Representativejacob-grinstead59e447c4700a6e5eb40fff0000d6e8e8
Hometown: Hutchinson, Kansas
Age: 17
Horse: Super Sonic Clue and Cant Zip My Rockies
Favorite activity with your horse: “Rope! I spend as much time as I can get in the roping pen honing my skills.”
Personal leadership goals: “My leadership goals in the AjPHA are to inform Youth of opportunities in our organization outside the show pen and increase knowledge and awareness of scholarship opportunities.”

abbey-love68e447c4700a6e5eb40fff0000d6e8e8Name: Abbey Love, Zone 4 Representative
Hometown: Forney, Texas
Age: 14
Horse: Im Axle Rose
Favorite Activity with your horse: “English events.”
Personal leadership goals: “My leadership goals in the AjPHA are more involvement on a national level.”

nicole-st-clair77e447c4700a6e5eb40fff0000d6e8e8Name: Nicole St. Clair, Zone 5 Representative
Hometown: Union, Missouri
Age: 16
Favorite thing with your horse: “Showing and training to improve at each show.”
Personal leadership goals: “To become even more involved and to be there for my AjPHA family.”

callie-foster86e447c4700a6e5eb40fff0000d6e8e8Name: Callie Foster, Zone 6 Representative
Hometown: Calhoun, Louisiana
Age: 17
Horse: Noterized
Favorite Activity with your horse: Western pleasure
Personal leadership goals: “I hope to be able to get others more actively involved within the AjPHA.”

Name: Anna Lia Sullivan, Zone 7 Representativeanna-lia-sullivan499e45c4700a6e5eb40fff0000d6e8e8
Hometown: Southampton, New Jersey
Age: 15
Horse: Special This Time
Favorite Activity with your horse: “I enjoy attending regional APHA shows as well as open shows.”
Personal leadership goals: “I hope to continue being active in my regional AjPHA club and become more involved with other states in my zone.”


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