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Meet ‘CHAMP-ion’ Anna Lia Sullivan in the September Inside Look

Youth are our industry’s future, and nowhere is that more evident than in our young AjPHA leaders! In the September issue of the Paint Horse Journal, meet new AjPHA President Anna Lia Sullivan, who is striving to make a difference by promoting APHA’s CHAMPS program and offering special recognition and opportunities for challenged riders and their American Paints. Read “A ‘CHAMP’ion in the Making” in the September 2017 Paint Horse Journal.

Not a subscriber? No problem! Check out Inside Look, a free, digital peek inside this month’s Journal to find “Leather Lifeline,” this month’s complementary article. In addition to easy tips for tack care, you’ll get an easy introduction to the must-have publication for Paint lovers everywhere.

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  • Fresh Paint, APHA Executive Director Billy Smith’s monthly column shares 9 reasons why you need to come to the APHA World Show September 20–October 1.
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  • Coverage from the 2017 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show
  • The 2017 Open/Amateur World Show Program—your #1 preview for this great event
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