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LubriSynHA renews APHA partnership & offers new product

After celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the LubriSyn product family, Halstrum LLC recently released its newest product, LubriSynHA Plus. The company also renewed its commitment to APHA as the association’s Official Joint Supplement, a role they’ve held for three years.

LubriSynHA Plus—a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid—features added MSM to further increase relief of joint pain in all companion and performance animals. MSM is known to promote detoxification and anti-inflammatory pathways, and its key advantages to being combined with HA are noteworthy:

  • MSM and HA have a synergistic effect, as MSM for joints acts as an anti-inflammatory
  • MSM works quickly and helps prevent HA breakdown
  • MSM is efficacious for young animals, as well as older animals with pre-existing conditions
  • MSM offers increased bone and joint care, in addition to skin and hair benefits

Halstrum LLC Director of Business Development Alex Hassinger says the new product utilizes the highest quality HA and MSM to create the best joint supplement on the market for your horses and pets.

“Lubrisyn is used by some of the best in the business, and what sets it apart from other joint supplements is the fact that LubriSyn is the only hydrated, high molecular weight Hyluronan that is inexpensive and has long-term established results in maintaining equine athletes,” he said.
APHA Executive Director Billy Smith says top-placing World Show exhibitors and Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program participants can look forward to winning LubriSyn product, thanks to Halstrum’s continued support of APHA.

at our World Shows range in age from weanlings to 20 years old and greater, so it’s pretty unique to be able to offer our exhibitors a supplement that is beneficial and safe for animals of all ages,” he said. “And if you can’t make it to our premier events to win LubriSyn HA Plus, you can always try it at a discounted rate through our APHA Xtras program, a perk of APHA membership.”

Plus, as well as several other Halstrum products, are available for purchase through the APHA General Store online and at the APHA World Shows. APHA members receive 15% off all LubriSyn products as well as free shipping on LubriSyn product orders over $100—visit store.apha.com or call (877) 460-6275.


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