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Lock in low rates by submitting your 2016 stallion breeding report online

Lock in the lowest rates for your 2016 stallion breeding report by submitting it via aphaonline.org or postal mail by November 30. Mail must be postmarked by the November 30 deadline.

A stallion breeding report must be filed each year an APHA stallion is used to breed APHA, AQHA or Jockey Club registered mares. Additionally, a report must be filed for a Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred stallion anytime a Paint mare is bred to that stallion.

Key pieces of information noted on the stallion breeding report from are:

  • Stallion’s name and ownership information
  • Signature of the stallion owner
  • The breeding year
  • Mare information (name, registration number, owner, dates exposed and breeding method)
  • Payment information

Also, note whether the breeding(s) should be “released”—that dictates whether or not the stallion owner’s signature is required on the resulting foal’s registration application. Simply initial (paper form) or check the box (online) to release the breeding and give mare owners the added convenience of registering their foals online.

The stallion owner or authorized agent can file the stallion breeding report online at aphaonline.org for added convenience. Login, click the “Bronze” tab and then select “Stallion Breeding Reports.” Click on the stallion’s name and follow the directions. Stallion breeding reports submitted online take about 24 hours for processing; then, you’ll be able to view them in your online account and access your breeders control numbers.

The $10 report filing fee and $5 per mare fee must be paid when the stallion breeding report is submitted. Reports submitted after the November 30 deadline will be assessed a $25 late fee. The stallion owner must be a current APHA member; memberships can be included directly on the report form.

If this is the first year your stallion has bred mares, make sure he’s listed for breeding with APHA—fill out the stallion listing card (if you haven’t already done so) and submit it along with your stallion’s DNA results and one-time $75 listing fee, along with his stallion breeding report and associated fees. The stallion listing card is online at apha.com/forms/registration-forms.

If you prefer, you can mail the physical stallion breeding report and payment to APHA, or email a clear scan of your stallion breeding report and payment information to askapha@apha.com. Got questions? Email askapha@apha.com or call our MemberCare team at 817-222-6423.


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