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Lease or buy? The Paint Horse Journal weighs the options

As of January 2015, Paint Horse lovers can enjoy a new way of learning and growing aboard the horses they love. The APHA show lease program allows Paint exhibitors to show a non-owned horse at APHA-approved shows, earning points and gaining confidence with a smaller financial investment. Show leases must be recorded with the APHA office for eligibility; learn more here.

Leasing, however, isn’t for everyone—sometimes buying your next Paint makes the most sense. In the March issue of the Paint Horse Journal, “Pony Up” examines the pros and cons of both owning and leasing your next Paint Horse. When weighing the options for your own situation, a few points to consider are:

  • Are you actively progressing in skill level? If you’re buying a horse, how quickly will you outgrow him?
  • What is your financial situation? Leasing might allow you to ride and progress on a caliber of horse you might not be able to otherwise afford.
  • What are you looking for in your next equine partner? A temporary ride while your main show horse is out with an injury, or a forever partner in the pen?
  • What are your non-equine plans? If you’re only a year or two away from entering college, leasing your mount means no selling hassles during the tumultuous life transition.
  •  Are you ready for the long haul? If you’ve got years left to show and you’re committed to long-term care, buying might be the more suitable choice.

The choice to buy or lease your next Paint is a big one, and there’s more to the decision than just five factors. Read up on both sides of the coin in “Pony Up,” and learn from the experiences of fellow Paint riders.

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