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Lawyer Suzanne Radcliff shares three points to consider for equine liability

Counselor at law for the American Paint Horse Association, Suzanne C. Radcliff is the office managing partner at Cozen O’Connor’s Dallas, Texas, office. Her “Horse Sense” blog is featured monthly at myflashyride.com. Following is an excerpt from her latest post.

Horse Sense: Liability

Injuries to horse and rider often occur on a third-party’s property. It is becoming more commonplace for horse trainers and stables to have the rider and/or horse owner sign a release of liability before any riding or boarding takes place. Many factors should be considered in determining whether a release of liability will be enforceable when an accident does occur. While it is wise to consult an attorney when an accident happens, a few of the things to consider include:

  • Equine Activity Statute
  • Release of Liability, including clearly worded language
  • Gross Negligence or Intentional Acts

To read more about each of these points, check out the full story on MyFlashyRide.com.

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