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Kindred Biosciences to award two scholarships to APHA members in 2018

By Macy Morgan

This year, Kindred Biosciences continues their support as a 2018 APHA Continuing Education/Science Scholarship sponsor by awarding two deserving APHA members a $2,000 scholarship each.

Kindred Bio first partnered with APHA last year to award the inaugural scholarships at the 2017 APHA World Championship Show to Angie Esselman and Lindsey Valdiviez. The winners have since completed two semesters; Lindsey recently graduated from Baylor University and is now seeking admission to medical school.

“The scholarship was a godsend for us at the perfect time because last year we had three kids in college in three different states. It’s such a great program to reward APHA members for success outside the show ring,” Lindsey’s mother, Rachel, said.

KindredBio’s mission is to offer animal family members the same innovative, breakthrough medicines enjoyed by humans. In keeping with their mission, Kindred Bio will again reward APHA members in 2018 by sponsoring scholarship opportunities for qualified members.

Applicants must:

  • Be an APHA member in good standing, age 19 or older as of January 1, 2018
  • Be pursuing a degree in the science field
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Hold a current APHA Amateur card

Scholarship applicants will be reviewed by a team consisting of APHA board and staff members, as well as one Kindred Bio representative. The recipients will be announced in August, and scholarships will be presented during the 2018 APHA World Championship Show in September.

APHA Director of Amateur Activities Savanna Robbins is excited for another chance to reward deserving APHA members.

“I was absolutely thrilled to hear KindredBio would be sponsoring the Amateur scholarships again for 2018. It is such a unique opportunity for our young APHA exhibitors who are continuing their education as well as their horsemanship skills. Presenting the scholarship to Lindsey and Angie last year was exciting; KindredBio made the event extra special, and I can’t wait to see who will be receiving the scholarship this year, “she said.

KindredBio scholarships give students the opportunity to continue showing with APHA while pursuing their educations—the company understands that education and recreational pursuits are both important, and they’re excited to provide the opportunity again in 2018


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About APHA

The American Paint Horse Association is the world’s second-largest international equine breed association, registering more than a million horses in 59 nations and territories since it was founded. APHA promotes, preserves and provides meaningful experiences with Paint Horses.


About Kindred Biosciences

Kindred Biosciences is a development-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on saving and improving the lives of pets.  Its mission is to bring to pets the same kinds of safe and effective medicines that human family members enjoy.  The Company’s strategy is to identify compounds and targets that have already demonstrated safety and efficacy in humans and to develop therapeutics based on these validated compounds and targets for dogs, cats and horses.  The Company has a deep pipeline of novel drugs and biologics in development across many therapeutic classes.

For more information or to download the corporate presentation, visit KindredBio.com/LearnMore. Stay connected with KindredBio on Facebook at Facebook.com/KindredBio.