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APHA Contender Series offers new showing opportunities for newbies

Are you interested in riding and showing horses, but not quite ready to buy your own horse? APHA’s new Contender Series is the perfect way to explore the fun of equine competition without the high upfront cost.

The APHA Contender Series is an entry-level program that provides a fun, family-oriented and educational way to start showing for exhibitors with little experience or accomplishments in the show ring. Exhibitors can gain the experience of showing horses without the expense of purchasing a horse. This program will prepare you and your horse for the show ring and teach the foundational elements of the sport needed for your future success.

The only requirements to compete in these classes are the following:

  1. Exhibitor must be an APHA member
  2. Exhibitor cannot have earned points or any lifetime earnings in any recognized association (APHA, AQHA, PtHA, PHBA, APHC, NSBA, NRHA, NRCHA, etc)
  3. Horse must be registered with APHA (Regular Registry or Solid Paint-Bred)

No points are awarded in these classes, so a Contender exhibitor can participate in the Contender Series as long as they choose. Awards will be given out in every class.

Show managers can select any class they wish as Contender classes and may run this series as a full Contender Show or Contender classes intermixed with their regular APHA shows. Classes must be offered independently from other APHA-approved classes.

A $1 per entry sanction fee will be charged to the exhibitor and paid to APHA by show management.  To help offset costs, APHA sanction fees will be reimbursed to the show on a dollar per dollar basis if management purchases the awards for these classes through the APHA’s new store, the PH Barn Door.

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For more information:

Senior Director of Judges, Shows & Education David Dellin at (817) 718-4223 or [email protected]
Director of Shows Amanda Cormack at (817) 222-6416 or [email protected]
Show Approval Coordinator Angie Willis at [email protected]


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