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Beautiful Paint Horse photos available on PHJ SmugMug site

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then the Paint Horse Journal’s SmugMug photo gallery is priceless. Whether you’re looking for the perfect keepsake of a special moment, a personal copy of a legendary Paint’s print or the perfect “painted” photo gift for you or a friend, you’ll find a one-stop shop at painthorsejournal.smugmug.com.

Featuring more than 4,600 beautiful photographs taken by the APHA Publications staff, the Paint Horse Journal SmugMug gallery captures living works of art—beautiful Paint Horses—perfect for decorating your walls, home, office and more. Tons of different print options are available, from standard prints in a variety of finishes to canvases to coffee mugs, stickers, magnets and more. The sky’s the limit on creative ways to showcase your favorite Paint Horse pics.

screen-shot-2014-10-01-at-1-44-03-pmUsing the Paint Horse Journal SmugMug site is easy! Visit painthorsejournal.smugmug.com and click on any of the six main album categories, or scroll down the page to see all available albums. Sales through SmugMug are safe, easy and secure.

Exploring the entire Paint Horse Journal SmugMug site is the best way to discover the myriad of Paints featured in our photographs, but here are some shortcuts to some of our favorite albums. Check them out—you might be surprised at what you’ll find!

Colorful Paints (General Album)

Paint Horse Legends

sgw-indiv_dec09092014 World Equestrian Games

APHA Hall of Fame

2013 Inductees/Ceremony
2012 Inductees/Ceremony

APHA World Shows and Youth World Shows

2014 AjPHA Youth World Show
2013 APHA World Show
2013 AjPHA Youth World Show

jh11-ffelusivegambler-92**Galleries also available from the 2013 Youth Judging Contest, 2012 APHA World Show, 2012 Youth World Show and the 2012 Youth Judging Contests. CLICK HERE



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