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HorseIQ releases new scribing tutorial

HorseIQ is committed to elevating education in the horse show world, and the innovative platform is expanding to aid show management, too.

A new, free scribing tutorial video is available on HorseIQ’s landing page. In this thorough, 17-minute tutorial, APHA Director of Judges Dave Dellin walks viewers through the key scribing duties, scoresheet preparation and scoring convention. The tutorial also scores reining, trail and longe line classes, allowing viewers the chance to experience the scribing process without the pressure of their first show day.

Watch the HorseIQ scribing tutorial 

“If someone needs to learn the basics of scribing classes, this is a great video to help them,” Dave said. “This will be a great tool for show managers and judges alike, allowing them to show volunteers or anyone new to scribing how to do it in less than 20 minutes.”

Scribes are a critical part of any show, as they help judges provide accurate feedback in scored classes without having to miss a move. Scribing can also be lucrative; while local shows often rely on volunteers for this key role, larger events often compensate skilled scribes for their time. Volunteering as a scribe is an excellent way to get a boot in the door for larger show management roles, learn about showing from the judge’s perspective and help support a local club; reach out to your regional Paint Horse club to get started.

Ready to take your horse show education even further? Subscribe to gain access to HorseIQ’s powerful learning platform, which leverages interactive video lessons, quizzes, sample runs and more bring the APHA rule book to life and help horsemen gain a greater understanding of what it takes to succeed in core show classes. Learn more at Horseiq.com.



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