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A NEW show management certification lesson has been added to the lineup. HorseIQ is APHA’s online learning platform and the only place you can take the APHA Show Management Certification course, which is required annually for all show secretaries producing APHA competitions.

The new lesson, “Horse Show Best Practices,” covers:

  • Maximizing your show
  • Marketing your show
  • Customer service

Other lessons in the course include:

  • APHA show types
  • Minimum class requirements
  • Show approval
  • Show results reporting

Now in its second year, the  Certification course, hosted by horseIQ, is required for APHA show secretaries and recommended for everyone involved in show management positions, including show managers and show sponsors.

Start Watching

To watch the new lesson and complete the APHA Show Management Certification:

  • Create or log into your account at
  • Sign up for the APHA Show Management Package
  • Go to your dashboard
  • Click “start course” or “resume course” on the APHA Show Management Certification course card to begin.

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