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Horse and farm care get the spotlight in July Inside Look

Summer is in full swing! Riding every day in the warm weather is great for the soul, but all that sweat and grime can be hard on your saddle. After your next ride, sit down with your tack and the Paint Horse Journal to put your leather back in tip-top shape. 

Not a subscriber? No problem! Check out Inside Look, a free, digital peek inside this month’s Journal to find “Leather Lifeline,” this month’s complementary article. In addition to easy tips for tack care, you’ll get an easy introduction to the must-have publication for Paint lovers everywhere.

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Take a peek into the Paint Horse Journal’s Inside Look to find:

  • One FREE article: Leather Lifeline offers a thorough guide to make your favorite tack last and last. 
  • Fresh Paint, APHA Executive Director Billy Smith’s monthly column discusses confidence, making leaps of faith and the joys of doing so. 
  • All our colorful advertisers including useful products and services to make horse ownership easier. 
  • Stallion alley and classified ads to help you find your next best friend.

Get the full Paint Horse Journal to discover:

  • Seven tips to make your Paint’s coat sparkle
  • The life and legacy of stallion superstar All Time Fancy
  • Paint Horse folklore and the truth behind the tales
  • The signs, symptoms and solutions for equine ulcers
  • How to prepare for the perfect show performance in “The Game Plan”
  • The scenic trails at Nehalem Bay State Park
  • And so much more! Subscribe, renew or extend today to get this great content PLUS entries into our 50-year giveaway


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