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Handy hacks for the APHA Rule Book

Seeing is believing, and when it comes to many commonly asked questions about Paint Horses, the answer can be found inside the APHA Rule Book. While it might seem easier to ask a friend, trainer or your social media network about a certain registration guideline or showing rule, the only way to know you’re getting the facts is to see and learn them for yourself.

In the January 2016 Paint Horse Journal article “Arming Yourself,” freelancer and APHA member Delores Kuhlwein recapped some handy tips for putting your APHA Rule Book to good use and searching with ease. Following are a few tips from that story:

Access the APHA Rule Book anywhere.

The most current version of the rulebook is always available online at apha.com/forms/rule-books. We even give you two ways to view: downloading a PDF that you can save to your device, or viewing through our free and easy-to-use 3D Issue app.

Know the territory.

The rulebook is organized in sections of information, and learning the rule “codes” that pertain to certain areas can help you access information fast. GR is for General Rules, “RG” is for Registration Rules, “SC” is for Show & Contest Rules, etc. And you can always check out the Table of Contents on page 5.

“Find” what your looking for.

Try the “Find” feature on your digital device. If you have a PC, hit “Control” and “F” simultaneously, and enter your search term. Have an Apple computer? Hit the “Command” and “F” keys at the same time. When using the 3D issue app, click the black tab at the very top of your screen to expose a menu, then click the magnifying glass icon to open a handy search window.

Highlight your FAQs.

Find yourself constantly referring to a certain section in the rulebook? Make it easy to find by tabbing the page with a sticky note or plastic flag.

Almost everyone has a need to refer to the APHA Rule Book at one point or another. Get familiar with the rulebook and you’ll soon become an APHA expert. Read all of Delores’ tips and tricks in the January 2016 Paint Horse Journal—subscribe or renew today at apha.com/phj.


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