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Five reasons for Youth to Take 5

If there is one thing horse-crazy kids love to talk about, it’s their horses. The Take 5 questionnaire allows Youth members to share the great things about their four-legged sidekicks and themselves, as well as why they LOVE being member of the AjPHA family. Here are five reasons why YOU should take five minutes to tell your story.

1. Get 5 minutes of fame.
“Take 5” is a monthly column in the Paint Horse Journal that features one Youth member in each issue. By filling out the online questionnaire, you could be featured in an upcoming issue! No matter your interests, background or how long you’ve been involved in AjPHA, if you’re a Youth who loves Paints, you belong in Take 5.

2. Share some great memories.
The questions are easy to answer and allow Youth members to share how they got involved in the industry and special moments they’ve shared with their Paints.

3. Meet people with similar interests.
In addition to the “horsey” questions, the questionnaire also asks about Youth members’ hobbies and things like favorite books and websites. Discover what other AjPHA members like to do when they are out of the saddle.

4. Reveal your words of wisdom.
Take the opportunity to pass on the best riding advice you have received and throw in some advice of your own. This gives you the chance to help out Youth members and create a stronger sense of community.

5. It’s easy!
All that it takes is clicking the link below, talking about yourself and your Paint, and uploading a photo. Your photo should feature you and your Paint Horse—make sure it’s at least 4” x 6” at 300 dpi resolution for best printing quality (that’s usually an image size of 1MB or greater). So really, there are no reasons NOT to do it!

“Take 5” here!


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