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Effective Immediately: Touch-point obstacles reinstated for APHA shows

In May 2020, the APHA Board of Directors added to the list of temporary rule suspensions the removal of all touch-point obstacles in all APHA classes, as a result of the pandemic. This included the rope drag or pull, mailbox, gate, carrying an object, and slicker described in SC-301.E (Ranch Trail), SC-250 (Open Trail), SC-192 (Yearling In-Hand Trail) and SC-230 (Utility Driving).

As infection rates in some areas have continued to decline in recent months, several states have lifted mandatory mask requirements. As a result, the Board of Directors has voted to allow APHA shows to have the option to use these touch-point obstacles in their patterns once again, as long as the rules comply with local safety guidelines. Effective immediately, the obstacles cited above that are listed as mandatory in the rulebook for their discipline will remain optional until further notice.

All COVID-19 related updates can be found here: https://apha.com/covid-19-updates/


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