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Early implementation show rules now in effect

Five show rule changes passed at the 2021 Convention in February with early implementation have gone into effect as of April 5, 2021. The full text for each rule can be found in their respective areas of the online rulebook, as well as under the Rule Change Resolutions link on the Rule Book page of the website here, which also includes the list of all rules passed at the 2021 Convention.

  • SC-040:
    • SUMMARY: Requires exhibitors to earn a minimum of 10 points to be eligible for an Honor Roll Award for all divisions.
    • Related Rules: SC-325, AM-065, AM-225, YP-060, YP-224
  • SC-160-1:
    • SUMMARY: This rule change allows hunter attire in performance halter. This aligns with the allowance in longe line and allows hunter type horses to be presented in a performance-based class in attire that matches their purpose.
  • SC-165:
    • SUMMARY: Enable Amateur and Youth showmanship, Western horsemanship and hunt-seat equitation to be offered as All Paint Registry classes in all zones.
  • SC-194:
    • SUMMARY: Add a rule to allow 2-year-old in hand trail to be offered in all Zones.
    • Related Rules: SC-192, SC-196, SC-185, SC-190
  • SC-215:
    • SUMMARY: These rule changes clean up and simplifies the over fences penalties if using the breed numeric standard so that they are easier to remember and apply and removes penalties that are generally factored into the maneuver score and so should not be double applied.


Clarifications to RG-135 and RG-160, as well the new RG-020.A.1.b rule (details published here) also were effective by April 5, 2021.


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