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Drive the savings home with RAM and APHA Xtras!

You might already be driving your new vehicle in your mind, but still wishing for that once-in-a-lifetime deal to make your dream a reality. Now, with your APHA Xtras, your dream can come true! You can save up to thousands of dollars off your next RAM, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat, or Chrysler—all it takes is being an APHA member!

The way to a new vehicle at a better price is simple. All you need to do is:

1. Call Emily at the Ram Rodeo office (641-684-6000) and give her your APHA membership ID.
2. She will give you a control number and a letter of authorization.
3. Take the control number, letter of authorization and your APHA ID to a participating dealership.
4. Pick out your new ride and pay 1% below the factory invoice price!

Better yet, this benefit is not a once-in-a-lifetime deal—you can use this discount on two vehicles each year! It’s a deal many of our members use and have had great experiences with. Just hear what APHA member, Lisa Waltrip of Alton, Illinois, had to say about her APHA Xtras experience.

“I received a great discount for being an APHA member when I bought my 2019 Dodge RAM 3500 truck,” she said. “It was as easy as submitting a request to get an authorization number and then giving that to the Dodge dealer.”

Go check out some of the great deals you could be getting at a participating RAM dealership near you and drive the savings home!

During this time, APHA and APHA Xtras partners, like RAM, want to help you keep things moving. We are here to serve you and we’re all in this together—as family.

The cost of your membership with APHA can easily be recouped when you save with our Xtras partners, like RAM. If you haven’t already, join or renew your APHA membership to start using your APHA Xtras benefits. Also, take a minute to check out all that APHA Xtras can do for you as an APHA member.

Do you have an APHA Xtras success story to share? We’d love to hear from you! Email [email protected] or call (817) 222-6404.


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