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Colten Dulin wins 2021 Robyn Hanna Sportsmanship Award

By Abigail Slaubaugh

Colten Dulin from Nampa, Idaho, proved himself as an outstanding Youth sportsman at the 2021 APHA World Championship Show, and as a result, he was named the Robyn Hanna Sportsmanship Award winner. Throughout the show, Colten could be found with a smile on his face, even though he knew his horse would be retiring after the World Show. Often presenting awards to other class winners, Colten took the job seriously and made it his mission to be a good sportsman while also having fun at the World Show.

“Winning this award means so much to me because I feel it’s important to always be a good sport and an example for others,” Colten said. “I enjoy meeting new kids, and I always make sure to congratulate whomever wins. Winning the sportsmanship award is a really big honor.”

The Robyn Hanna Sportsmanship Award includes a $1,000 scholarship from the APHA Foundation and a Gist Silversmiths trophy buckle, courtesy of the Milton family. Five anonymous judges and youth votes decided the winner.



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