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CINCH renews partnership with APHA to benefit World Show exhibitors

APHA and CINCH are continuing their corporate partnership to provide APHA World Championship Show exhibitors, year-end awards recipients and Markel/APHA Professional Horsemen with the high-quality Western apparel they love. CINCH is the No. 1 choice for those who desire quality Western jeans and shirts both in and out of the arena, thanks to a comfortable fit and authentic look.

“The relationship we have shared with APHA has been fruitful,” said David Dean, president of Miller International and CINCH Jeans. “We are very proud to be partners and look forward to continuing the momentum made by our partnership.”

APHA Executive Director Billy Smith agrees.

“CINCH is one of the most widely recognized names of the Western apparel industry, and they’re truly an innovative leader in everything they do. Our members appreciate CINCH’s devotion to producing high-quality Western apparel and are just as delighted as we are about this partnership,” he said.

Through the partnership, CINCH will continue to provide world and reserve world champion jackets to Open and Amateur APHA World Show exhibitors and top year-end competitors, along with official shirts for Markel/APHA Professional Horsemen.

CINCH also recently acquired the Ranch Sorting National Championships. As like-minded companies aimed at combining tradition and innovation in order to preserve the Western lifestyle, CINCH is confident that the acquisition will further membership and purse growth for the RSNC and its crossover population of APHA members.

For nearly 10 years, RSNC’s primary goal has been to lead the industry in advancing the sport of ranch sorting through affordability and a fair rating system, as well as to preserve the culture and integrity of the ranching lifestyle. With a membership base of 25,000, RSNC has worked to promote the ranch lifestyle with an all-skill-levels-welcome approach. CINCH, as the global leader in Western apparel, is excited to help RSNC in their mission as a national sponsor.

To learn more about CINCH Jeans, visit cinchjeans.com. To learn more about RSNC, visit rsnc.us.


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