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Check out the 2016 High-Point Ranch Horse standings

Ranch riders, listen up—High-Point Ranch Horse Award standings for each division are now online, reflecting current points as of November 28, 2016. Check out how you’re stacking up in 2016 via this special link:

2016 High-Point Ranch Horse Award Standings 

The High-Point Ranch Horse winner in each Honor Roll division receives a beautiful ranch saddle made by Elite Custom Saddles. To qualify for these year-end awards, exhibitors must earn at least one point in each individual ranch class: ranch pleasure, ranch trail, ranch cow work and ranch reining. The exhibitor in each division who earns the most points overall in all four classes combined is the high-point champion. For more information, see Rule SC-301.D.3. in the APHA Rule Book.

You’ve still got about a month left to tally points toward these great year-end awards. Look for shows offering ranch classes in the APHAonline Show Calendar.

Questions? Contact Director of Awards Christine Henry at chenry@apha.com.



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