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Board of Directors Inducted at 2012 APHA Convention

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Board of Directors Inducted at 2012 APHA Convention

The American Paint Horse Association marked milestones at its 42nd Convention October 4–6 in Fort Worth, Texas. APHA’s Board of Directors members took the reins of leadership at the annual meeting.

The Board of Directors is comprised of members of the APHA State Directors, who are elected by the APHA membership. The State Directors decides policy and direction for the association. The directors, in turn, nominate from their numbers a seven-member Board of Directors. The State Directors and Board of Directors work with the APHA Executive Director and the professional staff of the association to implement and enforce all rules and programs.

Named to the 2012-2013 Executive Committee were:
President: Gregg Reisinger of Eldora, Iowa
President-Elect: Mary Parrott of Ruston, Louisiana
Vice President: Ron Shelly of Georgetown, Texas
Senior Committee Member: Susie Shaw of Parsons, Tennessee
Fifth Committee Member: George Ready of Hernando, Mississippi
Sixth Committee Member: Craig Wood, Ph.D., of Lexington, Kentucky
Immediate Past-President: Scot Jackson of Stephenville, Texas

The 2012-2013 APHA Executive Committee. (L to R) Gregg Reisinger, Mary Parrott, Ron Shelly, Susie Shaw, George Ready, Craig Wood and Scot Jackson. This photo is copyright Paint Horse Journal. DO NOT COPY without written permission of Paint Horse Journal.

Joining the executive committee as its sixth committee member is Craig Wood, Ph.D., of Lexington, Kentucky. The associate director of the National eXtension Initiative at the University of Kentucky, Craig has more than 35 years of experience in the horse industry and has worked as an APHA National Director since 2006. He has served on the General Show & Contest, Ways & Means and Regional Club committees, as well as the Advisory Panel to the Executive Committee.

APHA Executive Committee Sixth Committee Member Craig Wood, Ph.D. This photo is copyright Paint Horse Journal. DO NOT COPY without written permission of Paint Horse Journal.


About the American Paint Horse Association
The American Paint Horse Association (APHA) is the world’s second largest equine breed association. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, it celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2012. In fulfillment of its global mission to collect, record and preserve pedigrees of the breed, APHA recognizes and supports 111 regional and international clubs, produces championship shows, sponsors trail rides and creates and maintains programs that increase the value of American Paint Horses and enriches members’ experiences with their horses. APHA has registered more than a million horses in 59 nations and territories since it was founded, and now serves over 64,000 active youth and adult members around the world. For more information about the American Paint Horse Association, visit apha.com or connect with Paint Horse fans globally at facebook.com/americanpainthorse or on Twitter @APHANews and @WorldShow.