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Big money available at the AjPHA Youth World Show

Showing Paints is an investment in a young horseman or woman’s future; it teaches discipline, dedication, pride, sportsmanship and a host of other valuable life skills that transcend the show pen.

Now, competing at the 2015 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show is a monetary investment, too, with more than $150,000 in scholarships up for grabs in world championship classes.

“While a small percentage of our Youth come from well-to-do families, most Paint Horse exhibitors come from the worst possible prospector for higher education financial assistance: those who are too poor for college, too rich for financial aid and wise enough to understand the value of horses in their children’s lives,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said in the May Paint Horse Journal. “Instead of forcing parents into a decision—horses or college—we’re putting parents in a position whereby competing in our Youth World Show can help build a college war chest that will help finance their child’s formal education while they soak up the informal benefits that come with owning and showing horses.”

Check out the following scholarship payouts and make plans to attend the Youth World Show in Fort Worth, Texas, June 22–July 4. It’s not too late to enter!

No need to whip out your calculator! We’ve done the math to figure the payouts for a few specialty divisions.

With five performance and two halter world championship classes, exhibitors showing solid Paint-bred horses will compete for a potential pot of more than $18,000 in scholarships! Walk-trot riders—most still too young to even dream of their college majors—can vie for more than $7,500 in scholarships through their six performance classes; these exhibitors are also eligible to compete in their Paint’s respective halter classes for a chunk of the $5,800 halter scholarships per class.

Have a need for speed? Fast times can win you cash! There are 12 world championship speed classes offering a total of more than $15,500 in scholarships. Though not every rider is eligible for every class—based on Novice eligibility and age—every rider is invited to compete in the Hopes and Dreams Sweepstakes, which offers a jackpot payback and an additional $1,000 Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program side pot.

Crave the view from above an oxer? Over-fences classes offer a total of more than $11,700 in scholarships across all divisions.  Plus, Youth 14–18 riders may compete for the Elegant April Award, which offers both cash and trophy prizes.

If it’s your first time at the Youth World Show, be sure to check your Novice eligibility! With more than 27 Novice classes for all ages, 13 and under or 14–18 riders, there’s more than $35,000 up for grabs for qualified riders.

These scholarships are in addition to the great buckles, ribbons and prizes awarded in world championship classes. Learn more about the Youth World Championship Show and make your way to Fort Worth!


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