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Apply for the APHA Judge Emeritus Award

Judges are often the unsung heroes of the horse show world, putting in grueling days traveling, marking cards and keeping pace with industry standards. That’s why APHA created its innovative Judge Emeritus award, designed to recognize judges for their longstanding history of service to APHA.


Apply for the APHA Judge Emeritus Award


To be considered for the Judge Emeritus award, a judge must have at least 25 years of service or judged 150 APHA-approved events (25 years of service or 65 events for European-only judges); voluntarily retire with an excellent record; and be in good standing with the Judges Committee, with no disciplinary actions, probations or suspensions on their records.

Applicants are approved by the Judges Committee on an individual basis according to judge records. Deceased judges who meet these award requirements will be considered. Last year was the first year the Judge Emeritus award was given; 10 judges were recognized at the APHA Convention in Richmond, Virginia.

Applications for the APHA Judge Emeritus Award are due November 20. Approved applicants will be recognized at the 2017 APHA Convention (link), which takes place February 24–27 in Irving, Texas.

To learn more about this award, contact Show & Contest Manager Amanda Cormack at [email protected].


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