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APHA World Champion Roll Call: 2022 PAC World Championship E-Show announces winners

For the third year, exhibitors and Paints around the world took a shot at glory, competing in the 2022 APHA PAC World Championship E-Show September 1 – October 17. More than 150 entries from 61 exhibitors in 13 countries competed for world champion titles and prizes in 60 available classes.

Ellen Waidner & Expect It

High-Point Exhibitor honors went to Ellen Waidner of Huntington Station, New York, with Expect It, a 2010 sorrel overo mare owned by Margaret Nipper of Jacksonville, Florida. They were named PAC world champions in five events: Hunt-Seat Equitation Walk/Trot, Hunter Under Saddle Walk/Trot, Showmanship (Walk Only), Western Horsemanship Walk/Trot, and Western Pleasure Walk/Trot.

” ‘Piper’ and I have been a team since 2016. We have been fortunate enough to do a lot of showing together over the last six years. I recently moved to New York, which has limited my ability to participate in shows with her this fall,” Ellen said. “The PAC World Show gave me the opportunity to compete with her without worrying about the financials and logistics of getting to a show with us now living in two different places. I was able to record the videos with my best friend Maggie Nipper, who owns Piper, over a long weekend when I was home in Florida. I was grateful for a reason for us to get together and enjoy one of our favorite things, and the great result was just an added bonus.”

Class champions spanned Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada and the United States. Full results and exhibitor videos are available on the PAC World Championship E-Show page at apha.com/showing/e-shows/PAC-World-Championship-E-Show.

Congratulations to the 2022 APHA Paint Alternative Competition E-Show World Champions:

Class Name Exhibitor Name Horse
Barrel Racing Judi Rehm Fox Diamond Dee Bar
Flag Cutting Luca Harborth A Painted Fresh Color
Halter Geldings (All Ages) Jean Simmons Hella Tuff Kid
Halter Mares (All Ages) Jean Simmons So U Think U Can Danc
Halter Mares (Youth 18 & Under) Kaitlyn DeVos Maxedout N Liquoredup
Halter Stallions (All Ages) Jean Simmons Ridiculousness
Hunt-Seat Equitation Kristy Doyle Sugar On The Side
Hunt-Seat Equitation (Youth 18 & Under) Reese Yates All The Gold
Hunt-Seat Equitation Walk/Trot Ellen Waidner Expect It
Hunter Hack Dani Witke Sweetness Secret
Hunter Under Saddle Kristy Doyle Sugar On The Side
Hunter Under Saddle Walk/Trot Ellen Waidner Expect It
In-Hand Trail (All Ages) Jamie Shook A Kissin Sensation
Longe Line (All Ages) Madison Peters You Had Me At Cowgirl
Overo Jasmin Schuster Remember All
Performance Halter Geldings Carly Ray Moonlite On My Assets
Performance Halter Mares Heather Haseloh Live Lucky
Performance Halter Stallions Kaila Watters Dun Steele N Gunz
Ranch Conformation Charissa  Schipper Big Paychex To Cash
Ranch Rail Pleasure Christa  Dunlap Will Slide For Snacks
Ranch Rail Pleasure (Youth 18 & Under) Julius Culwell Famous N Fancy MN
Ranch Reining (18 & Under) Julius Culwell Famous N Fancy MN
Ranch Riding Sabine Lazo Heza Hugable Jet
Ranch Riding (18 & Under) Julius Culwell Famous N Fancy MN
Ranch Trail Sabine Lazo Heza Hugable Jet
Ranch Trail (18 & Under) Julius Culwell Famous N Fancy MN
Showmanship Jessica Sandervig Dannys Rebel Star
Showmanship (Walk Only) Ellen Waidner Expect It
Tobiano Doreen  Loehr Zip This Invitation
Traditional Dressage Alexandria Belton Daffys Son Shine
Trail Sarah Cividino Like Smokin Gun
Trail Walk/Trot Kasey Herzog Good And Rite
Western Dressage Eva Paulsen Watt A Showgun
Western Horsemanship (Youth 18 & Under) Reese Yates All The Gold
Western Horsemanship Walk/Trot Ellen Waidner Expect It
Western Pleasure Johanna Vorraber Like Smokin Gun
Western Pleasure Walk/Trot Ellen Waidner Expect It

About PAC

The program was launched in 1990 to reward the diversity of the Paint Horse and give them the ability to put the success that they earn outside of APHA-approved classes on their lifetime performance records. Through this program, Paints can earn PAC “credits” in Western, English and ranch classes as well as events such as dressage, recreational or trail riding, roping and 4-H. These credits count for perpetual and year-end awards.

About E-Shows

APHA E-Shows started in Spring 2020 for exhibitors who do not have APHA shows nearby, want critiques from judges on their favorite events or classes they would like to try, or are just getting back into showing and want a low-stress environment to help them get back into the swing of things. Exhibitors have the choice of more than 30 classes to show in each month where they can compete against people from all over the world on any breed of horse and earn cash, PAC credits, critiques from an APHA certified judge and international bragging rights.


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About APHA 

The American Paint Horse Association is the world’s second-largest international equine breed association, registering more than a million horses in 59 nations and territories since it was founded. APHA promotes, preserves and provides meaningful experiences with Paint Horses.