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APHA shows get ranchy with launch of new classes

With its fresh take on arena competition, APHA’s ranch riding class (formerly called ranch horse pleasure) has Paints and their owners stampeding to get back into the show pen. And now, splashy, ranchy horses will have even more opportunities to strut their stuff, thanks to the addition of four new ranch-style classes debuting at APHA shows beginning May 15.

APHA’s national directors voted to approve the addition of ranch trail, ranch pleasure, ranch reining and ranch cow work at the 2015 APHA Convention on March 2. The classes were also approved for an early implementation date of May 15.

“There’s something new and fresh about the ranch horse classes that has riders from all backgrounds—including some who have never shown with APHA before—clamoring to come play with us,” APHA Senior Director of Shows Holly Slaughter said. “After a great first year in 2014, we’re welcoming this crowd with open arms by offering even more ranch-type classes this year. We have high expectations for our ranch classes to continue to grow as enthusiasm spreads.”

Rules governing these classes are available online in the updated digital 2015 Official APHA Rule Book. Rules will be printed in hard copy beginning in 2016.

Ranch Trail becomes APHA World Championship class
5-15-ranch-horse-smallAfter a strong APHA World Show debut as a sweepstakes class in 2014, Ranch Trail will be offered at the 2015 APHA Open/Amateur World Show as a world championship class .

As the class was only recently approved, the World Show qualifying requirement for this class is reduced to two shows with four judges. Learn more about the APHA World Show and get qualified today.

Exhibitors living in areas where ranch trail is not yet available may request a variance. The regular variance request procedure still applies for this class. If the horse will also be shown in other classes at the APHA World Show—including Ranch Riding, which returns as a world championship class—regular qualification guidelines remain in effect. See oawcs.apha.com/qualifiers for more details. The 2015 World Show qualification period ends July 31.

In 2016, qualification requirements will increase to participation at four shows with eight judges.

The tentative schedule for the 2015 APHA World Show is typically posted in late July on oawcs.apha.com. To find APHA-approved shows, including those offering the new ranch horse events, visit aphaonline.org.


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