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APHA show lease program offers new opportunities

11-26-leasing-thumbA plethora of reasons might lead you to decide that leasing a Paint is the best option for you, and starting in 2015, leasing is a viable option for APHA exhibitors. Whether you’re saving up to buy your Paint outright, trying out the show scene on an experienced veteran or checking out the fun of the APHA family, the association’s new show lease program could be perfect for your situation.

Approved at the 2014 APHA Convention, the new show lease program will be effective January 1, 2015.

Leasing is designed to allow Amateurs and Youth showing at APHA-approved events to establish ownership eligibility on a horse that they do not own. Once a lease has been submitted and processed, the horse and rider team may begin their showing adventure.

Complete your show lease form today!

Leasing your Paint:

  • A show lease form and fees must be filed with APHA prior to exhibition of the leased horse.
  • All show leases expire on December 31 of the year submitted, and must be renewed annually to remain in effect.
  • The leased horse may be shown by the Amateur or Youth leasing the horse. Immediate family members (as outlined in AM-020.A) and trainers are allowed to exhibit the horse as well.
  • Only one lease covering a horse will be recognized at a time.
  • If the lessee is a ranch, partnership or corporation, a signature authorization must be placed on file with APHA before the lease can be recorded. All persons listed must meet ownership rules if person exhibiting is an Amateur or Youth. Forms are available from the APHA office or online at apha.com/forms.
  • If this lease is to be terminated prior to the ending date listed, written notification must be received by APHA giving new termination date and signed by both lessor and lessee.
  • No transfer may be completed until this lease is expired or terminated, unless the lessee is the buyer.
  • Lessee will receive a certificate from APHA as validation upon completion of lease authorization. This certificate must be presented at the time the horse is to be shown by the lessee.
  • Horses may not be leased to a third party at any time, and such action will not be recognized by the Association.
  • Any points, awards or money earned by the lessee during the lease period will be considered the lessee’s. Any Breeders’ Trust money earned by the horse during the lease period will be sent to the lessee recorded as of December 31 of that point year. If the lease is terminated prior to December 31, any Breeders’ Trust money will be paid out to the current recorded owner as of December 31 of that point year. A Breeders’ Trust re-enrollment fee must be paid in order to receive Breeders’ Trust money.
Questions about APHA’s show lease program can be directed to the Performance Department at (817) 222-8489 or showing@apha.com.
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