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APHA Shines in 2012 Industry Awards Contest

FORT WORTH, Texas—The American Paint Horse Association was named to thirteen finalist lists in the American Horse Publication’s (AHP) 2012 Awards Contest. Held since 1974, this annual competition provides AHP members with an opportunity to be recognized for excellence in equine media as well as professional critiques for improvement.

APHA was named as one of four finalists for the competition’s most prestigious award—the 2012 Equine Industry Vision Award. Submitted in honor of its 50th anniversary, APHA joins finalists Michael Blowen, president and founder of Old Friends, a retirement farm for pensioned Thoroughbred race horses; Denny Emerson, USEA Hall of Fame member and past vice president of USET; and Equine Land Conservation Resource, a non-profit organization to educate horsemen on to how to conserve land and trails for horses and equine-related activities.

Pfizer Animal Health and AHP developed the Equine Industry Vision Award in 2002 to create the first major award to showcase innovation across the equine industry. The award is intended not only to serve as a unique recognition of ingenuity and service, but also to benefit the industry by inspiring these qualities in others. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding leadership, creativity and meritorious contributions in the equine industry.

The official announcement and presentation of the award will be made at the Equine Industry Vision Award Breakfast on Friday, June 1, 2012, during the American Horse Publication’s “Ride into History” Seminar in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

In addition, publication and advertising material from the American Paint Horse Association’s three official publications—the monthly Paint Horse Journal, the quarterly Paint Horse Connection member magazine, and the bi-monthly Paint Horse Racing—as well as outside advertisements for the association were also named finalists in the American Horse Publication’s 2012 Awards Contest. A total of twelve APHA-produced pieces qualified as finalists in the contest, which honors excellence in the field of equine publication.

Publication finalist entries include:

  • “Brought to Life” (Summer 2011 Paint Horse Connection)—One-Page or Two-Page Spread Editorial Design—Designed by Art Vasquez
  •  “Safety Zone” (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter 2011 Paint Horse Connection)—Instructional Series—Written by Jessica Hein
  •  “Buster and Sheryl Bob” (Winter 2011 Paint Horse Connection)—Editorial Single Print Photograph—Photographed by Jessica Hein
  •  “Code Breaker” (November 2011 Paint Horse Journal)—Instructional Single Article Circulation Under 20,000—Written and Photographed by Jessica Hein
  •  “Say What?” (October 2011 Paint Horse Journal)—Horse Care Single Article Circulation Under 20,000—Written by Jessica Hein
  •  “June Editor’s Note” (June 2011 Paint Horse Journal)—Personal Single Column Circulation Under 20,000—Written by Tonya Ratliff-Garrison
  •  “Spring Fever” (March 2011 Paint Horse Journal)—Publication Cover Page Circulation 10,000 to 20,000 Print—Designed by Art Vasquez and Photographed by Abigail Boatwright
  •  Paint Horse Journal—General Excellence Association Magazine Circulation Under 15,000
  •  “Shawne Wind” (March/April 2011 Paint Horse Racing)—Publication Staff Single Advertisement—Photographed by Jessica Hein, Designed by Stephanie Bury
  •  “Paint Champions of 2010 (March/April 2011 Paint Horse Racing)—Editorial Design Circulation 20,000 and Under—Designed by Kelly Wise
  •  “Every Barn Needs a Little Paint”—Corporate/Individual Single Advertisement—Designed by Cristin Conner and Art Vasquez
  •  “Blending in is Not an Option”—Corporate/Individual Single Advertisement—Designed by Cristin Conner and Kelly Wise

The Publication awards will be presented June 2 during the American Horse Publication’s “Ride into History” Seminar.

To find out more or subscribe to the Paint Horse Journal or Paint Horse Racing magazines, go to https://www.aphaonline.org/APHAOnline/join/join.aspx or call (817) 834-2742. The Paint Horse Connection is the APHA member magazine. Become a member today!

About APHA
The American Paint Horse Association (APHA), the international breed registry for the American Paint Horse, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2012. In fulfillment of its mission to collect, record and preserve pedigrees of the breed, APHA recognizes and supports 111 regional and international clubs, produces championship shows, sponsors trail rides and creates and maintains programs that increase the value of American Paint Horses and enriches members’ experiences with their horses. APHA has registered more than a million horses in 59 nations and territories since it was founded, and now serves over 58,000 active youth and adult members around the world.