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APHA salutes 15 retiring judges

Several APHA-carded judges recently retired from service; APHA is grateful for their commitment to the association and the Paint Horse breed.

“I can’t begin to express the amount of gratitude and respect I have for all of the retiring judges,” APHA Director of Judges David Dellin said. “Judging is the cornerstone that horse shows are built upon, and these judges have paved the way for the rest of us to walk.”

Following are the 15 judges who retired their APHA cards in 2014:

  • Simon de Geus (European-Only Judge), Keerbergen, Belgium—Approved in 2004, Simon judged 25 APHA shows
  • Gary Gordon, Roanoke, Texas—Approved in 1983, Gary judged 119 APHA shows
  • Erica Greathouse, Round Rock, Texas – Approved in 2011, Erica judged 12 APHA shows
  • Lewis “Spike” Holmes, Delphi Falls, New York—Approved in 1978, Spike judged 109 shows
  • Michael Jesch, Palestine, Texas—Approved in 2006, Michael judged 36 shows
  • Jeff Johnson, Pagosa Springs, Colorado—Approved in 2009, Jeff judged 23 shows
  • Jim Johnson, Peculiar, Missouri—Approved in 2009, Jim judged 30 shows
  • Wayne Laske, Ardmore, Oklahoma—Approved in 1979, Wayne judged 207 shows
  • Wayne Meason, Pueblo, Colorado—Approved in 1998, Wayne judged 43 shows
  • Gary Miller, Belton, Missouri—Approved in 1977, Gary judged 173 shows
  • Kathy Miller, Belton, Missouri—Approved in 2003, Kathy judged 96 shows
  • Jim Mulhausen, Mansfield, Texas—Approved in 1972, Jim judged 48 shows
  • Martha Sayles, Mesquite, New Mexico—Approved in1980, Martha judged 113 shows
  • Jim Sossamon, Fort Worth, Texas—Approved in 2000, Jim judged 45 shows
  • Michelle Yost-Henry, Crowell, Texas—Approved in 2001, Michelle judged 40 shows

To learn more about becoming an APHA judge or to find a list of current APHA-carded judges, please visit apha.com/association/judges.


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