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APHA partner Elite Custom Saddles awards gorgeous trophy saddles at 2018 World Shows

By Elizabeth Ennis

Saddles are one of the most important and personal pieces of equipment used by horsemen and -women. Personal preferences  factor into our favorites—how our saddle looks, how it positions us while riding and how well it fits our Paints.—and we have every right to be picky and only trust saddlemakers who can check off all of the boxes on our saddle wish list.

As the Official Performance Saddle of the 2018 APHA World Championship Shows, Elite Custom Saddles has their commitment to quality in their name, and in their products! Owners Jon and Joslyn Carpenter combine their competitive spirit, entrepreneur skills, and knowledge of horses and how a quality saddle should feel with the extensive saddle making experience in partner and founder Raymond Blanco Sr.

Elite Custom Saddles crafted the 2018 APHA Youth World Show’s Power Performance Youth saddle, the 2018 APHA Open/Amateur World Show’s PBRIP World’s Fastest saddle as well as three High-Point Ranch Horse trophy saddles, and select year-end award saddles for PBRIP and ranch horse competitors.

Director of APHA Events Christine Gillett was excited to share in the moments these World Show and year-end exhibitors were awarded their Elite trophy saddles.

“Our exhibitors have expressed great delight upon receiving their award saddles from Elite Custom Saddles. From ranch horse saddles to barrel saddles and everything in between, Elite continues to deliver beautiful saddles made with quality and detail,” she said.

Based in the heart of horse country in Whitesboro, Texas, Elite builds custom saddles for all Western disciplines. Each saddle is built from precise designs with creativity, hard work and talent to guarantee a quality product in which APHA members can take pride. The Elite base saddle model includes No. 1 American tanned leather, wooden stirrups, three-quarter floral tooling, silver conchos, silver D rings and choice of light, golden, medium or dark oil.

For more information about Elite Custom Saddles and how you can get your seat in an Elite, visit elitecustomsaddles.com.


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