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APHA members win big with discounts from John Deere

The APHA Xtras program allows members to receive awesome deals with many companies, including John Deere! Once you are an APHA member for 30 days, you are on your way to saving a lot of money through John Deere.

Whether you own a large ranch or you only own one Paint, owning a piece of John Deere equipment can make your life a lot easier! John Deere has a variety of equipment ranging from large tractors to smaller lawnmowers to forest loggers and more. Their reliable and durable equipment comes in handy with whatever project you need to tackle next.

There are two ways to save on your next John Deere purchase:
1. Cash Discount Program, which is offered to all APHA members, and can garner savings anywhere from $35 to $3,700 off select equipment;

2. Full-Time Discount Program is only offered to APHA members that are full-time horse professionals, breeders, and trainers. With this program, members can receive up to 28% off their purchases!

After deciding which John Deere discount program is the one for you, be sure to call (877) 462-2294 to talk to an APHA member representative at John Deere. They will set up an account in your name and mark down the correct discount program so that you are set and ready to start saving on your very next purchase.

APHA member, Tina Shanahan from Raleigh, North Carolina, took advantage of this amazing opportunity to save big on her John Deere purchase. 

I used the savings toward the purchase of a new John Deere gator. With the APHA Xtras’ John Deere discount, I saved $800! Thank you APHA!”

Don’t wait any longer. Pick out the tractor or mower of your dreams and save big with APHA Xtras partner, John Deere.

APHA thanks you for being a member, and wants to give back by allowing you to take advantage of all of the great benefits the APHA Xtras program has to offer.

The cost of your membership with APHA can easily be recouped when you save with our Xtras partners, like John Deere. If you haven’t already, join or renew your APHA membership to start using your APHA Xtras benefits. Click here to check out all that APHA Xtras can do for you as an APHA member.

Do you have an APHA Xtras success story to share? We’d love to hear from you! Email us or call (817) 222-6404.


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