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APHA Members Encouraged to Participate in Upcoming Rule Change Discussions

A number of game-changing rule proposals are up for vote at the 2014 APHA Convention, held February 21–24 in Irving, Texas.


APHA is a democratic organization led by elected national directors. National directors, who hail from APHA clubs around the world, review and vote on rule change proposals. APHA members are encouraged to learn about rule change proposals and contact their appointed national directors to provide personal opinions about upcoming rule changes.

Additionally, all APHA members are invited to attend Convention, which will also host seminars on club growth and equine legal issues, honor APHA’s newest Hall of Fame inductees and provide an invaluable opportunity to connect with other members from around the world. To learn more about APHA Convention, visit Convention.

In addition to these rule change proposals, two task forces will report on discussions and decisions regarding APHA governance as well as a potential competition licensing program. This will take place February 23 at 11 a.m. View the updated Convention schedule online.

The following rule change proposals will be voted on at Convention. Complete rule change proposals, information about the rule change process and proposal forms are also available online.


–       Control SC-075: APHA agrees to accept suspension rulings pertaining to cruel or inhumane treatment of horses from other recognized equine-related associations and state racing commissions.

–       Control SC-160: Would permit show management to announce names of horses, owners and/or exhibitors prior to judging being completed in a class

–       Control SC-160-3: Requires horse owners to be current APHA members in order to show in APHA-approved classes

–       Control SC-193: Creates a 2-Year-Old Longe Line class, with an amendment that clarifies the horse cannot be ridden at the same show

–       Control SC-270: Permits Western or English bits in roping, speed events, team penning and ranch sorting events

–       Control SC-276: Revises ranch sorting rules to make them consistent with industry standard

–       Control SC-284: Creates a timed team roping event

–       Control SC-285: Does not requires a head loop to be placed on the steer’s head/horns before it leaves the shoot in heeling events

–       Control SC-285-1: Permits heelers age 60 or older and adult women of any age to tie on.

–       Control SC-290-1: Permits measurements of the barrel racing pattern to be changed according to arena size

–       Control SC-302: Creates a Ranch Horse Pleasure event

–       Control SC-312: Creates a Competitive Trail Horse event

–       Control SC-325: Requires all approved shows to select grand and reserve champions in each sex division for solid Paint-bred halter classes

–       Control AM-020 and YP-015: Permits horse leases for Amateur and Youth exhibitors

–       Control AM-145: Creates an Amateur Limited Working Ranch Horse event

–       Control AM-205-3: Permits renewed eligibility for Novice Amateur status for exhibitors who have not earned 10 or more PAHA performance points, or 10 revalued performance points in other associations

–       Control AM-255: Creates a Novice Amateur Working Ranch Horse event

–       Control AM-300: Prohibits cross-entering in showmanship events by Amateur Walk-Trot cardholders

–       Control AM-300-2: Creates an Top 10 Amateur Walk-Trot year-end award

–       Control AM-300-3: Revises ownership requirements for Amateur Walk-Trot exhibitors

–       Control YP-110: Allows Youth Walk-Trot points to count toward ROM and Superior awards only.

–       Control YP-152: Permits Limited Youth and Amateur Working Cow Horse points to count for all APHA Youth and Amateur awards

–       Control YP-205: Denies Novice Youth eligibility to Youth who have received remuneration for training horses or those who have solicited for training

–       Control YP-220: Permits use of Novice Youth points in Youth awards

–       Control YP-221: Creates a Novice Youth Superior Award

–       Control YP-224: Creates a Novice Youth Zone Award

–       Control YP-245: Permits Novice Youth exhibitors to show horses of any age in a snaffle bit or a hackamore

–       Control YP-250: Creates Novice Youth and Novice Amateur Working Cow Horse events

–       Control RA-000: Revises registration requirements for Solid Paint-Bred horses

–       Control RA-060: Outlines year-end award rules for horses that advance from the Solid Paint-Bred Registry to the Regular Registry during the current year.


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