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APHA members cash in on big John Deere savings

Are you getting the most out of your APHA membership? If you’re not utilizing the APHA Xtras program, chances are, you’re not.

APHA Xtras rewards you for being an APHA member by saving you money on products and services from companies you know and trust, and can return the annual cost of an APHA membership in savings and discounts many times over. As an APHA member, you qualify for reduced rates on John Deere tractors; financial services; home, auto and pet insurance; hotels; car rentals; Sherwin Williams paint; and more.

Our March featured Xtras partner is John Deere. For generations, the name John Deere has stood for quality, durability, value, and proven performance. Today, customers across a wide range of markets know that when they buy John Deere, they’re working with a trustworthy company whose word is as good as the name on the equipment.
There are three ways APHA members can achieve major savings with our John Deere program (depending on occupation and use):

  1. Full-Time Program – Professional trainers and breeders save up to 28% on select equipment.
  2. Part-Time Program – Coupon savings up to $2,500.
  3. Construction Program – Save up to 21% on select equipment.

Learn more about these three savings options at apha.com/apha-xtras/john-deere.

John Deere also offers quarterly incentives that offer even more discounts and can be combined with Xtras savings. Check out the current quarterly incentives here.

To learn more, call (877) 462-2294. The APHA representative will work with you and your local John Deere dealer to make sure you receive the proper savings.

Every purchase through our APHA Xtras partners keeps cash in your pocket while also supporting APHA and the breed you love. Using these member discounts just one time can help you recoup the cost of your APHA membership—imagine how much you can save all year long!