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APHA judges represent at major shows

A number of APHA judges stepped outside the world of Paint Horses this fall when they accepted invitations to judge at major events throughout the horse industry, including the National Snaffle Bit Association World Championship Show, the All American Quarter Horse Congress and the National Reining Horse Association Futurity. National championships like these strive to hire the best judges possible, and APHA is honored to have several of those from within its ranks represented as top judges within the entire horse industry. They include:

  • Dean Bogart—2015 NSBA World Championship Show
  • Kelly Boles Chapman—2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress
  • Brendan Brown—2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress
  • Charlene Carter—2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress
  • David Denniston—2015 NSBA World Championship Show
  • Brian Ellsworth—2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress
  • Kenny Hall—2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress
  • Larry Hansch—2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress
  • Tanya Green—2015 NSBA World Championship Show
  • Sandy Jirkovsky—2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress
  • Larry Little—2015 NSBA World Championship Show
  • Stephanie Lynn—2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress
  • Lisa Moden—2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress
  • Kim Meyers—2015 NRHA Futurity
  • Scott Neuman—2015 All American Quarter Horse Congress
  • Rhonda Replogle—2015 NSBA World Championship Show
  • Mark Russell—2015 NSBA World Championship Show
  • Carly Veldman Parks—2015 NSBA World Championship Show
  • Tracy Willis—2015 NSBA World Championship Show


David Denniston, an APHA-carded judge since 2003 and chairman of APHA’s Judges Committee, was one of the judges tapped to officiate at the 2015 National Snaffle Bit Association World Championship Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“As a horse show judge, there is no higher honor than to be asked to adjudicate a national horse show,” he said. “As one of the judges for the 2015 NSBA World Show, I was able to evaluate and reward exhibitors and horses of an incredibly high level. Many different breeds of horses were represented, and they proved to be the epitome of each breed. It is an honor and privilege to serve the association and the industry as a professional horse show judge.”

To earn their APHA judging cards, applicants undergo rigorous testing to evaluate their skills as well as ongoing training throughout their judging careers. As such, it’s no wonder APHA-carded judges are well respected and highly sought after as officials for major championship events throughout the horse industry.

“APHA judges are some of the most highly trained, knowledge experts in the industry. We are incredibly proud of all of our judges and pleased they are willing to sacrifice so must time and effort to be knowledgeable in an ever-changing field,” APHA Director of Judges David Dellin said. “APHA is constantly evaluating its educational processes and striving to make the judging of our events as good as humanly possible.”

Looking for a qualified judge to officiate your next horse show or want to learn more about joining the ranks of APHA-carded judges? Learn more at apha.com/association/judges or check out our online APHA Judges Directory.


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